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Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

Last changed: 28 July 2011
================================================================= BF Server Joiner - Version History Changes ================================================================= Update 22 May 09: The old beta I did way back is now uploaded to this website. I noticed it was quite useful after all. BF Server Joiner is a little application that will show you the status of BF SW Demo servers. With BF Server Joiner 1-1-0-Beta you can make your own list of favourite servers and when you're done making the list you can just press Refresh and it will get the current number of players in the servers, just like in Battlefield 1942. When you want to play you choose one of the servers and click on the Join button, and it will start Battlefield 1942 and join the server immediately, without loading screen, or menus. The program is made by Andreas (aka T h e # 1) in Visual Basic .NET. [F] = New feature [C] = Change [B] = Bug fix Changes from BETA to v1.0.0 ----------------------------------- [F] Able to edit and save settings. [F] Able to change timeout. [F] Able to clear whole server list. [F] Able to reset to default settings. [F] Settings saved in INI file. [C] Faster refreshing and more accurate. [F] Export/Import server list. [F] Check for updates working. [F] About page working. [F] Able to clear server list. [B] Can't join server if BF is already running
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